Student. Mathematician. Programmer. Artist.

I'm Rahul Yesantharao, a student at Clear Lake High School. I am passionate about computer science, mathematics, and music.

About Me

I am a senior at Clear Lake High school, in Houston, Texas, where I was born and raised. I had my first run-in with programming in middle school, when I developed a website for my robotics team. However, I didn’t really get into computer science until my freshman year in high school, when I started learning C++ and Java in AP Computer Science. Since then, I’ve diversified into several different pursuits, from the USA Computing Olympiad to hackathons, personal projects, and internships. I’ve made some websites, an Android app, and a Chrome extension, both for professional use and personal development. Aside from computer science, I am also love mathematics, and compete in various math contests such as the USA Mathematical Olympiad.


I have been featured in various press releases because of accomplishments relating to math and computer science. Some of these are listed below:

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