Value-Templated Tests in Googletest

Hacking compile-time value parameters into Googletest. Or, accidentally discovering type traits.

Rahul Yesantharao | April 13, 2021

Compression: A Deep Dive Into Gzip

A detailed overview of the DEFLATE algorithm used by gzip for text file compression, including a full reimplementation of an unzip utility.

Rahul Yesantharao | November 17, 2018

Dual Booting Windows 10 and Arch Linux

How to dual boot Arch Linux onto a Razer Blade 14

Rahul Yesantharao | July 17, 2018

Web Development, Part 1: The Front End

My development process for the front end of the website you're currently on!

Rahul Yesantharao | April 28, 2018

MIT Splash 2017!

My thoughts on teaching a class for MIT Splash 2017. Also, the actual class, a quick primer on React, a front-end JS framework.

Rahul Yesantharao | February 21, 2018

Hello, World!

My first blog post on the WWW.

Rahul Yesantharao | December 26, 2017